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Besho Dental Arts by Revolutionary Dental is a patient-focused, family-friendly, general dentistry office. Here, we are proud to offer high-quality care, modern technology and sterilization, and a one-stop shop for all of your preventive, restorative, cosmetic and specialty dental needs. We also have on-site periodontist and are affiliated with a nearby orthodontist and pedodontist.

Our practice encompasses a variety of techniques and fulfills a vast array of needs from aesthetics to family dentistry to maintenance services, designed so that your whole family can visit at once.

Our hygiene department consists of dental hygienists, to be sure, but they do far more than clean teeth; patient education and thorough oral, head, and neck cancer exams are part of the service, as is ensuring patients have a relaxing and pleasant experience. Digital X-rays are taken when needed, and a complete intraoral camera scan is taken. The images are then displayed for the patients to see so the problems can be visualized and explained easily.

Tooth-colored, non-mercury fillings are on hand, which means that less tooth structure has to be removed, as opposed to conventional fillings. We also offer dental veneers - often provided with little or no preparation to the teeth involved. Implants have become a large part of our practice too, and they are now the top choice for replacing missing teeth. Although the other options are still provided, Besho is an implant-advocate, not least because as they don’t require drilling of the adjacent teeth, are predictable and relatively affordable.

“Most of the new dental trends are technology-driven,” Dr. Besho shares. CT Scans, as he explained, provide a three-dimensional view to ensure precise implant placement, and digital X-rays are now more diagnostically effective than film alternatives and have the added benefit of reducing radiation by up to 90 percent. Intraoral cameras clearly demonstrate problems and can also be used as a patient education aid, while fiber optic hand-pieces and magnification glasses increase visualization and ensure aesthetically-pleasing sound restorations.

We are also proud to offer facial cosmetics including facial fillers. Dr. Besho believes that the areas surrounding the mouth are the frame for the smile we created, and are just as important as the teeth themselves.

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